Engage Your Customers

  • Best Buy labels every product with one.
  • Every major magazine advertiser tags their ads with one.
  • Engage your customers by upgrading your tired, old variety signs.
  • Bring your market, even your apple orchard, to life!
  • Target young families that are the future of your business!

Get Your Own Interactive Codes

Get 10 apple variety QR Code enhanced signs with links to the Interactive Orchard videos and fruit information database for $399.

Download Your Inderactive Codes Order Sheets now! Download the order sheets now!

QR Code


Use your smartphone to scan the code with a free app from the “App Store.”

iPhone: NeoReader, ScanLife
Android: NeoReader, ScanLife
Blackberry: Mobiletag, I-nigma

See More

Watch the video below to learn more about Interactive Orchard and QR Codes.

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